What are Green Recycled Parts?

Green Recycled Parts are reusable, eco-friendly products, harvested in an efficient, environmentally responsible process from other motor vehicles that provide components for replacement or repair services.

Why use Recycled Green Parts?

There are many compelling reasons why you should select Green Recycled Parts. Here are a few:

  • Recycled parts save an estimated 80 billion barrels of oil annually
  • The amount of toxic oils and fluids safely reclaimed by auto recyclers is equivalent eight Exxon Valdez disasters every year
  • Over 90% of the entire vehicle by weight is reused, re-manufactured or recycled. That’s a big impact
  • You save up to 75% of the cost of a new part. We rigorously test and warrant our parts and, of course, the part is original equipment. A lot of parts we sell come from late, low mileage vehicles.

What makes them Green?

The innovative, environmentally-friendly recovery and reuse of quality parts from all motor vehicles for economical service and repair make these parts earth-friendly. By selecting Green Recycled Parts you can contribute to this philosophy.

Allparts has thousands of quality Green Recycled Parts in stock, with new inventory being added on a daily basis (see our current stock of Recycled Parts). We also have access to a large partner network. Call our experienced advisors on 01392 420 460 or email us with details of your requirements.