New Law in France Focuses on Green Recycled Parts

For many years, countries around the world have ignored the environmental benefits of re-using vehicle parts, preferring to manufacture new parts and ship them – sometimes thousands of miles – to refit to a damaged or mechanically deficient vehicle.

Insurance companies in the UK always fit new for old when repairing an accident damaged vehicle. Whereas , in complete contrast, the USA has for many years advocated the use of recycled panels. So a five-year-old car will be repaired with good quality replacements from a similar vehicle either the same age or newer.

Now the French government is implementing a new law effective 1st January 2017 described as “Energy Transition for Green Growth”. All professionals involved in the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles are required to offer consumers recycled or remanufactured parts.

Common sense dictates that to protect the Environment we all have responsibility to re-use product wherever and whenever we can.

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