Why Buy Part Worn Tyres?


Even new tyres are part worn once fitted to a vehicle!

THE LAW:  Consumer Protection Act – Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994

  1. All our tyres are inspected for structural integrity and are not sold unless free from all defects.
  2. All our tyres pass an inflation test prior to sale.
  3. The law says tyres can be sold with a minimum tread depth of 2mm across the full width of the tyre.
    Our tyres are guaranteed a minimum 3mm tread depth.
    Our Gold Standard tyres have a minimum 5mm tread depth.

Our tyres fully comply with the law governing the sale of part worn tyres.

We also sell new tyres at unbeatable prices.

Free fitting as standard on all tyres.


Tyre markings explained


215  =  Section width of tyre in millimeters

60    =  Profile (height of sidewall as percentage of section width)

R16  =  Diameter of wheel rim in inches

91v  =  Maximum load and speed rating